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A useless discord bot with whatever features I feel like implementing
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Add bot Help Guild

Bot responds to the prefixes: #! and generic#, prefixes can be added with add_prefix You can delete the prefix: #! however the generic# prefix is not removable.

Help output:


Aliases: add_alias delete_alias list_aliases
Booru: booru booru_bomb danbooru e621 e926 gelbooru safebooru yandere
GImage: gimage
Markov: fill_markov markov markov_all markov_disable markov_enable
Misc: hug kiss message_owner ping q rate slap stats
Prefixes: add_prefix delete_prefix list_prefixes
Reminders: remind reminder_delete reminder_list
Tags: add_tag auto_tags_off auto_tags_on delete_tag list_tags tag

Use #!help {command_name} to get help on a command
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