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Virtualbox Web Frontend

This project provides a simple virtualbox frontend in php.

The goal is to be able to control virtual machines for doing some quick tests and deployments.

The main scenario is to have a set of machine templates that are quickly deployed using differential disk images, so it takes only a few seconds to setup a new guest machine and have it running.

This is not meant for production or large scale deployment, but more as a headless controller for a shared VirtualBox host in a dev environment.


  • Linux host
  • VirtualBox >= 4.3
  • libxml2
  • A webserver with php 5 or better

VirtualBox Compatibility

Tags are available to match VirtualBox version.


  • On Debian to minimum dependencies are:

    sudo apt-get install build-essentials libxml2-dev virtualbox
  • Download and unpack the "VirtualBox x.y.z Software Developer Kit (SDK)" matching the version installed:

    Or here for older builds:

  • Compile the vboxxml native tool:

    cd vboxxml
    make VBOX_PATH=/usr/lib/virtualbox XPCOM_PATH=/home/myuser/Downloads/sdk/bindings/xpcom
    sudo make VBOX_PATH=/usr/lib/virtualbox install

    This will install VboxXML into VirtualBox's directory.

  • Deploy the web frontend located in www into a webserver and set options in include/

  • Install the resources you need (like dvd/floppy/hdd images).


The MIT License