Valuable drops

This release allows you to log valuable item drops. They'll show up on the site like so:

How does it work?

Before, to log map drops, you would do: > drop 13 10. You can still do that. But you can also copy an item (Ctrl + C while hovering over the item in your inventory), and then just send the > drop command. That's it, the item should show up on the site a few seconds later.

To make this process easier, get the AHK script here: With this script running, you only have to hover over the item, and press ctrl + d. If you do that several times in a row, please wait for at least 2 seconds in between each command, to allow the app the time to receive the command and send the item.

Supported items:

  • maps
  • uniques (any type)
  • divination cards
  • currencies
  • fragments

Gems are not yet supported, but they probably will (and the quality and level should be logged too).

If you have questions, post them on the official thread:


Path of Maps v0.1.1

@niuage niuage released this Nov 19, 2015 · 10 commits to master since this release

Fixes issue with clipboard.


Path of Maps v0.1.0

@niuage niuage released this Nov 19, 2015 · 11 commits to master since this release

First release!

It's a rough first version, but it works. Feel free to submit pull requests if you're into this project.