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This project's goal is creating keyconfig.py which behaves like Unity. Pull requests are welcome.

How to use

  1. Download keyconfig.py file.
  2. Navigate to File->User Preferences->Input->Import Key Configuration...
  3. Open downloaded keyconfig.py file.

Prefered additional configs

In User Preferences->Input tab:

  • Select Select with: to Left
  • Set Zoom Style: to Dolly
  • Check on Invert Mouse Zoom Direction
  • Set View Navigation: to Walk
  • Set Walk Speed: to 5 (default 2.5 is too slow. If you want more speed, set to greater value)

And don't forget to press Save User Settings. Otherwise you lose unsaved settings on closing Blender.

Modified controls

Action Keys
Rotate View Alt + Left mouse
Zoom View Alt + Right mouse
View Navigation Right mouse
Border Select Left mouse