⚡ AMP Spectre CSS Framework
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README.md Spectre 0.5.1 Apr 4, 2018
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⚡ AMP Spectre CSS Framework

This is an AMP version of the lightweight Spectre.css framework by Yan Zhu. It complies with the AMP CSS spec.


Insert the contents of spectre.min.css and optionally spectre-icons.min.css file into the <style amp-custom></style> tag. Remember not to exceed 50KB of CSS and to use <amp-img> instead of <img> tags in AMP HTML.


Check out the demo page as a valid AMP HTML document.

Differences from Spectre.css

  • Removed !important and style="" attributes
  • Replaced <img> with <amp-img>
  • Replaced .video-responsive with <amp-youtube layout="responsive">
  • Replaced <div class="bar"><div class="bar-item" style="width:10%;"> with <table class="bar"><td class="bar-item" width="10%">
  • Interactive tabs and toasts


Licensed under MIT License.