A bookmarklet showing top News Feed posts on Facebook, Twitter, VK, Google+, Soundcloud & Mixcloud profiles
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Top News Feed

Too much boring content in your Facebook/Twitter/VK/Google+ News Feed? Top News Feed helps you find the best posts in the News Feed and Profiles, sorted by likes. No server-side processing involved, no privacy concerns!


Get the Top News Feed bookmarklet from the following web page. Drag it to your bookmarks bar, then go to any Facebook/Twitter/VK/Google+/Soundcloud/Mixcloud profile and run it. By clicking the settings icon on the right, you can choose how many News Feed pages will be requested.

Click here to get Top News Feed

Note: Does not work in Twitter Search due to a lack of favorite count in posts, but it works in Twitter Profiles.

Due to the CSP, the bookmarklet is being injected through a CSS stylesheet.