Interpret TypeScript using the Console/Terminal Emulator in JavaScript
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TypeScript Interpret

TypeScript is a brand new language which compiles on JavaScript. However, this operation has to be performed manually, using the command-line compiler tsc or other tools. But now it can be interpreted straight in your web browser, thanks to TypeScript Interpret!

TypeScript Interpret automatically interprets your TypeScript code typed into a console, using the jQuery Terminal by Jakub Jankiewicz.


Here is a TypeScript terminal emulator


TypeScript 0.8 (minified JS)

TypeScript Interpret 0.2 (minified JS)

jQuery Terminal 0.4.22 (minified JS)

Authors & License

TypeScript is developed by Microsoft Corp. under Apache 2.0 License.

TypeScript Interpret is developed by Jerzy Głowacki under Apache 2.0 License.

jQuery Terminal is developed by Jakub Jankiewicz under GNU GPL 3 License.