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Zimplit CMS

This is a mirror of Zimplit 3.0 Community Edition.

Zimplit is the easiest Content Management System (CMS) ever made. It is extremely lightweight, simple and customizable. Zimplit consists of only one file. No database needed. With Zimplit you can edit any HTML/CSS page. Demo is available at


  1. Download the Zimplit package (zip file) from here. After downloading, extract the files. The package includes Zimplit software (zimplit.php, Z-scripts catalog and pclzip.lib).

  2. Upload the files to the server. Make sure the zimplit.php file is in the public folder (you can use the free FileZilla for uploading).

  3. Use the FTP program to set the CHMOD permissions: CHMOD 775 for the public folder (folder where is zimplit.php file and Z-scripts catalog) and CHMOD 755 for the zimplit.php file.







Zimplit is open source software licensed under GNU Affero General Public license version 3 (AGPL v3) with the additional restriction that no other brands, trade names, trademarks or service marks may be used for derivative products as specified in AGPL v3 section 7(e).

All names, links and logos of Zimplit must be kept as in original distribution without any changes in all software screens, specially in start-up page and the software header, even if the application source code has been changed or updated or code has been added.

Additionally you are required to keep a visible link to Zimplit Legal Notices as specified in AGPLv3 section 5(d) and 7(b). The required link to the Zimplit Legal Notices must be static, visible and readable, and the text in the Zimplit Legal Notices may not be altered.

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