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My personal website and blog built on Jekyll.
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My personal website and blog created with Jekyll

This is a project to build a landing page and full site for my personal domain, Other goals for site content include a blog (with comments), professional CV/Resume page, projects list, and links to social media.

During development of this project, my personal goals and self-imposed limitations include:

  • Jekyll
    • Learn more about how it works generally
    • How to use themes and customize them
    • Exposure to Ruby and Gems
  • Development Environment
    • Limit all development work to the WSL2 Ubuntu instance on my laptop
    • Limit all file editing to VIM
    • All Git commits and repo management from the command line
  • Production Environment
    • Publish project to a Linode VPS instance
    • Secure with SSL
    • Serve with Nginx
  • SASS
    • Learn SASS basics
    • Use sass to configure and consolidate site CSS
  • Deployment
    • Target inital deployment date of 2020-02-03
    • Initial deployment will be a static transfer of site files through the commandline as a clone from Github.
    • Long term goal is to utilize a CI/CD strategy using Jenkins/Github hooks/etc.

Deployment Notes:


  • htmlproofer --http-status-ignore "999" --url-ignore "/" --assume-extension --check-favicon _site/
    • Linkedin urls might be correct but they are configured to pass HTTP 999 for some user agents.
    • Google Fonts DNS prefetch urls will fail
    • assume extension for jekyll sites
    • enable check favicon
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