Nive - Notepad. A simple cloud notepad to manage personal notes.
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Nive - Notepad

A simple cloud notepad to manage personal notes. The notepad is a simple one page javascript application based on jQuery and the cloud framework

Backend functionality (storage, user management and authentication) is connected through web apis provided by the DataStorage and UserAccount components.

A ready to use installation is running as

If you would like to setup your own notepad or use it a as starting to try out the platform follow the steps described in the next section.

Nive backend configuration

The backend for the notepad requires the following three components to be set up and configured:

  1. DataStorage: name notes, database to store notes
  • Keys + Validators: key=note, type=text, minimum size=1, maximum size=``
  • Settings: key scope=multiple values per key
  • Security: create item=authenticated, all other functions=owner
  1. FileHosting: default settings

  2. UserAccounts: default settings

  3. Domain settings: Administration -> Default urls: Set Default page = /app/index.html

Commandline script to create a zip file

Here is a simple command line command to turn the app directory only into a zip file :

git archive --format zip --output ../ master:app


Released under the MIT-License. See

(c) 2013-2014 Nive GmbH -