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* sa/dialyzer-fixes:

      Ensure that -on_load functions are not reported as unused
      Unknown types are being reported by dialyzer's GUIs
      Fix bug in remote type solving
      Review by Kostis Sagonas and fixes
      Simplify external vs bad calls check
      Remove callgraph from the state used during solving
      Refactorings in dialyzer_typesig
      Avoid unnecessary passing of huge terms in some closures
      Further simplifications
      Remove redundant code
      Simplify dialyzer_succ_typings code
      Cleanups in dialyzer_callgraph and dialyzer_dataflow
      Zero-arity unused functions Dialyzer patch
      Cleanup debug messages in dialyzer_dataflow
      Refactorings in dialyzer_analysis_callgraph
      Allow t_opaque_structure to handle multiple opaque types
      Support alternative spelling of behaviour
      Refactor function selection by Dialyzer's codeserver
      Prettify spec
      Small fixes for Dialyzer's testsuites generation
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1 parent b99ff6a commit db9c249a0dd1c948f9bcbc47df166c13e7856357 Gustav Simonsson committed Mar 15, 2012
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