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A tiny SIMBL plugin to enable Growl desktop notification in awesome for Mac
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Growl Reeder

This is a tiny plugin to enable Growl desktop notification in awesome for Mac. I've tested this plugin with only current Reeder Version 1.0 Draft 2 which is beta version.

Are you looking for the for Mac? You can grab the link from their tweets.

How to use this?

  1. Goto my blog article to gownload the binary of GrowlReeder.

  2. Install SIMBL prior to use this plugin, if you didn't install it yet.

  3. Open ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins folder. If it doesn't exists, create it.

  4. Copy or symlink GrowlReeder.bundle into that folder.

  5. Restart

How to build this plugin?

Open this project with Xcode then build. All is in this project, includes Growl.framework. While building, the script may create a symlink or copy the bundle build into SIMBL Plugins folder. If you want to debug this, just adding a new custom executable of then click Build and Debug.

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