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A script imports many URLs into Readability.
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Readability Importer

A simple command to import many URLs to Readability.


This command is provided in RubyGems format. Run next command to insall all dependencies and command.

gem install redability_importer


To import Instapaper URL(s), export Instapaper CSV, then run next command.

redability_importer import -e <Your Readability Email Address> --instapaper-csv <Path to CSV>

You can grab your Readability email address in My Account page.

If you have a file includes a URL per line, also you can use --urls option.

cat path_to_file | readability_importer import -e <Your Readability Email Address> --urls -

Or, just simply assign URLs.

readability_importer import -e <Your Readability Email Address> --urls

Outbound Port 25 Blocking

If your inetnet provider is blocking outbound port 25 (OP25B), this command might not work because this command directly talking with Readability SMTP server using SMTP protocol on port 25. Will address this issue soon.


This command is, of course, unofficial tool. Please do NOT contact with Readability about this tool. Also, use at your own risk.

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