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Simple connection pool for postgresql, written in python.

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Ligthweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL (completely written in python).


  • Without authentication, everything is delegated to postgresql.
  • Ssl support, both at the pool, and in connection to postgresql.

How to install?

Fetch latest development branch from github and install this:

git clone git://
cd pgbouncer-ng
sudo python install

NOTE: gevent-1.0b1+ is required dependence.

How to configure:

The configuration is divided into 3 groups: global, local, remote. In global scope you can define limits for pooler. In local scope you can define settings for local pool: bind address or/and port, ssl certificate and ssl private key. And remote scope, you can define settings for remote postgresql connection.

In pgbouncerng.ini has sample/default configuration.

The order of search configuration file is:

  • ./pgbouncerng.ini
  • ~/.config/pgbouncerng.ini
  • /usr/local/etc/pgbouncerng.ini
  • /etc/pgbouncerng.ini
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