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Project management web application build on top of Django.

Currently there is no stable version, but the project is already usable. All contributions and bug fixes is welcome.


  • Multi project.
  • Backlog view. (with user stories assignation drag & drop)
  • Dashboard view. (with tasks drag & drop)
  • Tasks / Bugs separate view.
  • Wiki (now only supports markdown, but planned add suport to rst)
  • Questions (simple formum like view for make questions to product owner)

Todo / Under development:

  • Permission sistem based on simple roles (partialy implemented).
  • Project export / import.
  • RestructuredText for wiki.
  • Product map grouped by categories (SCRUM)
  • Higlight new changes introduced by product owner.
  • Backlog story points visual limit.

Developers How-To:

As a first step, download the latest version of the repository and follow the instructions:

git clone git:// greenmine
cd greenmine/src
python migrate greenmine 0001 --fake
python syncdb --migrate
python loaddata development_users
python sample_data # optional

The development_users fixture, by default inserts two users: andrei and juanfran. These users have superuser flag set to True and password is 123123.

For run tests:

python test -v2 greenmine


Django is included in a git repository and all other requirements are listed on requirements.txt file.


BSD License. You can see full license text on LICENSE file.