Server Sent Events protocol implemetation on python2/3
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Server Sent Events protocol implemetation on python2 and python3 in the same codebase.

Python tested versions:

  • Python 2.7.x
  • Python 3.2.x
  • PyPy 1.9.0r

Api documentation:


Constructor. On this method is called, automaticali initialize the internal buffer with retry statement with 2000ms as default value.


Method for set a custom retry value on initialized Sse intance.


The specification of sse indicates that you can put ids to events. For more info, see:

With this method, can set or reset the id value.


Helper method for reseting event id.

Sse.add_message(event, text, encoding='utf-8')

Method for add messages to the buffer and associate this messages to events. The event parameter can be a unicode string and text can be string, list, tuple or set.


Clears the internal buffer.


Returns a raw output of buffer, ready for set to client. NOTE: this method will be used only on python3.


Returns a raw output of buffer. Same as __str__ but returns unicode value on python2. Is not used on python3.

Aditional info:

  • Sse instance object can be used as iterator. On finish the iteration the internal buffer is automaticaly cleared.
  • Can use dynamic methods Sse.add_event_eventname(text='foo') as alias of Sse.add_message('eventname', 'foo')


BSD License