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Docker image for nix [maintainer=@zimbatm]
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fpletz and zimbatm Disable the sandbox via nix.conf (#23)
Nix 2.2 enables the sandbox by default on Linux platforms. For sandbox
build support the image would need to be run in privileged containers
which we should not require by default.
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Dockerfile Disable the sandbox via nix.conf (#23) Apr 9, 2019
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Nix docker image

This improves on top of the nixos/nix image as it removes all Alpine Linux dependencies.

The image doesn't contain any channels to reduce the default image size and encourage users to fully pin their dependency set.


FROM nixorg/nix:latest
RUN nix run -f channel:nixos-18.03 hello -c hello


CircleCI assumes that git and openssh are available in the container to clone the repository. This is out of our control and we therefor cannot rely on nix-shell to pull in these dependencies.

Another image at nixorg/nix:circleci is published that contains these additional dependencies.

This branch is regularily rebased on top of master.


The ./ script is used to get the latest nix release.


  • /etc/passwd contains a lot of useless entries

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