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docker-nixpkgs: docker images from nixpkgs

This project is a collection of docker images automatically produced with Nix and the latest nixpkgs package set. All the images are refreshed daily with the latest versions of nixpkgs.

It's also a good demonstration on how to build and publish Docker images with Nix.

Always keep your docker images fresh!

Why use Nix to build docker images?

Nix has a number of advantages over Dockerfile when producing docker images:

  • builds are more likely to be repeatable and binary reproducible
  • Nix will only rebuild the minimum set of changes with no manual intervention
  • Nix produces optimised layers with no manual intervention
  • nixpkgs provides automatic security updates

Example usage

Here is an example of using one of the docker images. Usage will change from image to image.

# run the curl image which has curl as an entry-point
$ docker run -ti --rm nixpkgs/curl curl

List of images

Here is the current list of images that are provided. Missing one? Send an image request.

Image Description
bash CLI only
busybox CLI only
curl CLI only
docker-compose CLI only
kubectl CLI only
kubernetes-helm CLI only
nginx CLI only
nix nix with deps
nix-unstable nixUnstable with deps


Each image is built with the following nixpkgs channels and map to the following image tag.

The version of the packages included in each image depends on what version the nixpkgs channel describes.

Channel Image Tag Description
nixos-unstable latest latest and greated, major versions might change
nixos-18.09 nixos-18.09 only minor versions that include security updates
nixos-19.03 nixos-19.03 only minor versions that include security updates

Docker Hub

All images are automatically built and pushed to Docker Hub.

Image matrix

> ./dockerhub-image-matrix

Image / Tag latest nixos-18.09 nixos-19.03

Adding new images

To add a new image to the project, create a new folder under ./images/<image-name> with a default.nix that returns the docker image.

Then run nix-build release.nix -A <image-name> to test that it builds, and then use docker load -i /nix/store/...<image-name>.tar.gz to load and test the image.

Related projects

The docker-library is an image set maintained by the Docker Inc. team and contain officially-supported images.

User Feedback


If you have any problems with or questions about this project, please contact us through a GitHub issue

Image request

Submit a request with an accompanying use-case for an image that you would like to see.


You are invited to contribute new features, fixes or updates, large or small; we are always thrilled to receive pull requests, and do our brest ot process them as fast as we can.


Copyright (c) 2019 zimbatm and contributors.

Licensed under the MIT.

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