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Note: We moved the repo to the NixOS org in an effort of making our GSoC participation more official.

GSoC projects

This repo is used to coordinate efforts around the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program in the Nix community.

GSoC is a program that sponsors students to work on Open Source projects in the summer. A lot of students have to do summer jobs to sustain their living. Instead of that, why not exercise your skills for 3 months while getting paid?



Join us on Freenode #nix-gsoc or create an issue on this repo to discuss a specific topic.


Becoming a mentor

A mentor's role is to help the student with his work and grade him at the end of the program. In exchange you will get help to work on one of the projects that you are interested in advancing.

To apply as a mentor, submit a PR to

  • add yourself to the list of mentors
  • add yourself to existing or new projects that you want to sponsor

Becoming a student

As a student, if you get picked, you will be paid for 3 months during the summer to work on one of the projects in the list.

To apply as a student, submit a PR to

  • add yourself to the list of students
  • select which project you want to work on by adding your name to it.

If there are no projects in the list that you want to work on, talk to us. Bring your own ideas. We might still be interested to mentor you.


GSoC proposals for the Nix ecosystem


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