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Build Status

Repository to maintain out-of-tree shell.nix files.

For some projects it is non-trivial to get a minimal develop environment that work with Nix/NixOS. The purpose of this repository is to share shell.nix expression that help to get started with those projects. The goal of the project is not to build or package those projects (which is often even harder) but to document the build requirements.

What environments should include:

  • dependencies to build, develop or test the project

What environments should not include:

  • opinionated, user-specific dependencies for example editors or favorite debugging tools

Current available environments

Name Attribute
Arduino arduino
Github Pages github-pages
Phoronix test suite phoronix-test-suite
OpenWRT openwrt
SPEC benchmark spec-benchmark

How to use

All environments referenced in default.nix can be loaded by running nix-shell like that:

$ nix-shell -A PROJECT_NAME

for example openwrt:

$ nix-shell -A openwrt

To apply custom modification one can also import environments into their own shell.nix files and override them. Note that this approach does currently not work for buildFHSUserEnv-based environments!

{ pkgs ? import <nixpkgs> {} }:
  envs = (import (builtins.fetchTarball {
    url = "";
  phoronix = envs.phoronix-test-suite { inherit pkgs; };
in (phoronix.overrideAttrs (old: {
  # this will append python to the existing dependencies
  buildInputs = old.buildInputs ++ [ pkgs.python3 ];

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