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Python IRC

Written by Cam1337, the bot's source can be found on github.


Python IRC supports a number of commands, all case insensitive.

Commands all must be prefixed with the bot's comchar. This is a single character that gets prefixed to all commands. If the comchar is ! then all irc messages starting with that char will be treated by the bot as a potential command. For the purposes of this documentation, the comchar will always be ! for simplicity.

For example the following shows a command example: ! => result


Authenticates bot admins to the bot and must be sent vie a PM. !login

Admins have the ability to use higher level channel management commands as well as additional special commands on the bot. The password for each admin is configured in the configuration file.


Lists the current authenticated admins. !list =>


This one does two things:

Lookup a hostname given an IP. !lookup =>

Lookup the website's IP given a hostname. Hostnames here mean website names like,, and so on. !lookup =>

up and down

Gives requesting user ops. !up

Remove ops from requesting user. !down

voice and devoice

Gives requesting user voice. !voice

Removes voice from requesting user. !devoice


Lets admins kick channel trolls with an optional message. !kick []


Conj - A little project that will likely get it's data from the web, for now, it conjugates all spanish present verbs that end in "er","ar","ir" in the correct form. Usage - +conj hablar spanish present / MUST have the "spanish present" on the end.


Tells the bot to join a channel. Can only be used by admins. !join


Make the bot part the channel when told to do so by an admin. !part []


Ban hostmask of a troll with optional ban message !ban []


Removes a user ban done by the bot. Can only be used by admins. !unban


Returns word's definition from the Urban Dictionary !ud


Looks up word in a dictionary and returns its definition. !dict


The configuration file is in


#! /usr/bin/env python HOST="" PORT=6667 NICK="" IDENT="Cam-Bot" DefaultChannel="" Bot_Password="" # Optional, for NickServ authorization. REALNAME="Written by Cam" OpPassword=""

Bugs, Problems, Suggestions

Please report all bugs, problems and suggestions to the github issues tracker.