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\newacronym{acpi}{ACPI}{Advanced Control~and~Power Interface}
\newacronym{rsdt}{RSDT}{What is it?}
\newacronym{xsdt}{XSDT}{What is it?}
\newacronym{cpu}{CPU}{Central Processing Unit}
\newacronym{usb}{USB}{Universal Serial Bus}
%Also could be "personal computer", but we will need to talk about
%the program counter much more then the simplified term 'personal computer'.
\newacronym{pc}{PC}{Program Counter}
\newacronym{gdtr}{\register{GDTR}}{Global Descriptor Table Register}
\newacronym{gdt}{GDT}{Global Descriptor Table}
\newacronym{abi}{ABI}{Application Binary Interface}
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