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Important! This library is not API stable! In general functions and
objects exported from [file:package.lisp] will not have their interfaces
changed without a major version increment. Anything else is subject to
my whim and fancy. Of course the idea is all functions end up exported
As of this writing [2010-02-01 Mon], all current v2 github APIs are
implemented if not release ready or vetted for an interface I'm
comfortable with maintaining.
Table of Contents
1 Dependencies
1.1 Some thanks
2 Overview
3 Testing
4 Bugs
1 Dependencies
- [CL-JSON] - Translate github's api messages to CLOS or simple lists.
- [DRAKMA] - HTTP support to talk to github.
- [Iterate] - A better loop.
1.1 Some thanks
This is not a direct dependency, however I made use of some encoding
functions in [hunchentoot] and its only right that I mention
Dr. Edmund Weitz's work which I selected 3 functions from and placed
in [file:url-utils.lisp] along with his copyright statement and
release under a BSD like license.
2 Overview
The whole public api can be used as of this release, however not all
of the function names or return results are finalized. Please see
[file:package.lisp] for functions that are currently exported and won't
change in terms of input or output without a depreciation cycle.
The major principle we follow is functions either return a *single*
object or they return a list of objects. In some extremely simple
cases, we return lists of strings or lists of other non CLOS objects.
3 Testing
This is known to work on sbcl 1.0.34, however this library is not
using any sbcl specific features. Anything that can run drakma,
cl-json, and iterate ought to run this library without any issues.
4 Bugs
Please report all bugs to github's tracker, found at
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