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(in-package :cl-github)
;;; Network API
(defgeneric show-network-meta (username repository &key login token)
(:documentation "Network meta information for USERNAME's REPOSITORY."))
(defgeneric show-network-data (username repository
&key network-meta login token
start end)
(:documentation "Data on last 100 commits."))
(defclass commit-range ()
(name count start)
(:documentation "Blocks of something that github gives when querying
the network api."))
(defclass head ()
(name id)
(:documentation "Heads of branches returned from github's Network API."))
(defclass github-network-meta ()
(nethash :reader nethash)
focus dates users)
(:documentation "Toplevel result from github's Network API."))
(defmethod show-network-meta ((username string) (repository string)
&key login token)
(let ((*current-prototype* "GITHUB-NETWORK-META"))
(to-json (github-request :login login :token token :auth :default
:parameters `(,username ,repository "network_meta")
:base-url ""))))
(defmethod show-network-data ((username string) (repository string)
&key network-meta login token start end)
(let ((network-meta (or network-meta
(nethash (show-network-meta username
:token token
:login login)))))
(to-json (github-request :login login :token token :auth :default
:parameters `(,username ,repository
:base-url ""
:nethash network-meta
:start start
:end end))))