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(in-package :cl-github)
(defclass contact-data ()
(email login name)
(:documentation "Person information."))
(defclass simple-user (contact-data) ()
(:documentation "About the simplest user information github will send."))
(defclass user ()
(plan gravatar-id name company location created-at
collaborators disk-usage
public-gist-count public-repo-count
blog following-count id private-gist-count
owned-private-repo-count total-private-repo-count
followers-count login email))
(defclass plan ()
(name collaborators space private-repos))
(defclass network-meta-user ()
(name repo heads)
(:documentation "User object returned from github's Network API."))
(defclass users (network-meta-user)
(name location followers username language fullname
repos id type pushed score created)
(:documentation "Describes a github user search result."))
;;; Direct user stuff
(defgeneric search-users (username)
(:documentation "Search github for USERNAME."))
(defgeneric show-user (user &key login token name blog email company location)
(:documentation "NIL"))
(defmethod search-users ((username string))
(to-json (github-simple-request "user" "search" username)))
(defmethod show-user ((user string)
&key login token name blog email company location)
;; Not going to export this right now, I want to make this more lisp
;; like by using setf.
(to-json (github-request :parameters `("user" "show" ,user)
:auth (when (string= user *default-login*)
:login login
:token token
:values\[blog\] blog
:values\[name\] name
:values\[email\] email
:values\[company\] company
:values\[location\] location)))
;;; Following
(defgeneric show-followers (username)
(:documentation "List all followers of USERNAME."))
(defgeneric show-following (username)
(:documentation "List all users that USERNAME follows."))
(defgeneric follow (username &key login token)
(:documentation "Follow USERNAME using USER-LOGIN."))
(defgeneric unfollow (username &key login token)
(:documentation "Unfollow USERNAME using LOGIN."))
(defmethod show-followers ((username string))
(json->list (github-simple-request "user" "show" username "followers")))
(defmethod show-following ((username string))
(json->list (github-simple-request "user" "show" username "following")))
(defmethod follow ((username string) &key login token)
(json->list (authed-request login token `("user" "follow" ,username))))
(defmethod unfollow ((username string) &key login token)
;; Github seems to ignore this request.
(json->list (authed-request login token `("user" "unfollow" ,username))))
;;; User public key management.
(defgeneric user-keys (&key login token)
(:documentation "List all public keys LOGIN uses."))
(defgeneric add-user-key (name key &key login token)
(:documentation "Add KEY to LOGIN's key list."))
(defgeneric remove-user-key (id &key login token)
(:documentation "REMOVE KEY by ID from LOGIN's key list.
ID can be either a string or a positive number."))
(defmethod user-keys (&key login token)
(to-json (authed-request login token '("user" "keys"))))
(defmethod add-user-key ((name string) (key string) &key login token)
(to-json (authed-request login token '("user" "key" "add")
:name name :key key)))
(defmethod remove-user-key ((id string) &key login token)
(to-json (authed-request login token '("user" "key" "remove")
:id (princ-to-string id))))
;;; User email management.
(defgeneric user-emails (&key login token)
(:documentation "List all emails LOGIN uses."))
(defgeneric add-user-email (email &key login token)
(:documentation "Add EMAIL to LOGIN's email list."))
(defgeneric remove-user-email (email &key login token)
(:documentation "Remove EMAIL from LOGIN's email list."))
(defmethod user-emails (&key login token)
(json->list (authed-request login token '("user" "emails"))))
(defmethod add-user-email ((email string) &key login token)
(json->list (authed-request login token '("user" "email" "add")
:email email)))
(defmethod remove-user-email ((email string) &key login token)
(json->list (authed-request login token '("user" "email" "remove")
:email email)))
(defgeneric show-pushable (&key login token))
(defmethod show-pushable (&key login token)
(json->list (authed-request login token '("repos" "pushable"))))
;;; END