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Important! This library is not API stable! In general functions and objects exported from package.lisp will not have their interfaces changed without a major version increment. Anything else is subject to my whim and fancy. Of course the idea is all functions end up exported ;).

As of this writing [2010-02-01 Mon], all current v2 github APIs are implemented if not release ready or vetted for an interface I’m comfortable with maintaining.


  • CL-JSON - Translate github’s api messages to CLOS or simple lists.
  • DRAKMA - HTTP support to talk to github.
  • Iterate - A better loop.

Some thanks

This is not a direct dependency, however I made use of some encoding functions in hunchentoot and its only right that I mention Dr. Edmund Weitz’s work which I selected 3 functions from and placed in url-utils.lisp along with his copyright statement and release under a BSD like license.


The whole public api can be used as of this release, however not all of the function names or return results are finalized. Please see package.lisp for functions that are currently exported and won’t change in terms of input or output without a depreciation cycle.

The major principle we follow is functions either return a single object or they return a list of objects. In some extremely simple cases, we return lists of strings or lists of other non CLOS objects.


This is known to work on sbcl 1.0.34, however this library is not using any sbcl specific features. Anything that can run drakma, cl-json, and iterate ought to run this library without any issues.


Please report all bugs to github’s tracker, found at

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