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Some definitions for those exported functions!

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commit 583fac7c424cddfe1c1c1134c9c9da68363f7e67 1 parent ea63ea7
@nixeagle authored
Showing with 26 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +26 −4 repositories.lisp
30 repositories.lisp
@@ -2,16 +2,35 @@
(defgeneric repository-name (repository)
(:documentation "string representation of REPOSITORY."))
+(defgeneric repository-owner (repository)
+ (:documentation "string representation of REPOSITORY's owner."))
+(defgeneric repository-description (repository))
+(defgeneric repository-open-issues-count (repository))
+(defgeneric repository-open-issues (repository))
+(defgeneric repository-fork-p (repository))
+(defgeneric repository-forks (repository))
+(defgeneric repository-forks-count (repository))
+(defgeneric repository-private-p (repository))
+(defgeneric repository-watchers-count (repository))
+(defgeneric repository-watchers (repository))
(defgeneric github-url (object)
(:documentation "string representation of OBJECT's resource location."))
(defgeneric github-git-url (object)
(:documentation "string representation of OBJECT's git location."))
(defclass repository ()
- (description forks url homepage watchers fork open-issues private name owner))
+ ((description :reader repository-description)
+ (forks :reader repository-forks-count)
+ (url :reader repository-url)
+ (homepage)
+ (watchers :reader repository-watchers-count)
+ (fork :reader repository-fork-p)
+ (open-issues :reader repository-open-issues-count)
+ (private :reader repository-private-p)
+ (name :reader repository-name)
+ (owner :reader repository-owner)))
(defclass watched-repository (repository)
- (description forks url homepage watchers fork open-issues
- private name owner)
+ ()
;; currently used only for WATCHED-REPOSITORIES.
(:documentation "Repository information."))
(defmethod repository-name ((repo repository))
@@ -20,7 +39,10 @@
(slot-value repo 'url))
(defmethod github-git-url ((repo repository))
(concatenate 'string "git" (subseq (github-url repo) 4) ".git"))
+(defmethod repository-owner ((repo repository))
+ (slot-value repo 'owner))
+(defmethod github-repository-notation ((repo repository))
+ (concatenate 'string (repository-owner repo) "/" (repository-name repo)))
(defclass searched-repository ()
(name size followers username language fork id type pushed
forks description score created)
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