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Add and some notes on the github api that were strange to me.

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+#+TITLE: github api
+Important! This library is not API stable! In general functions and
+objects exported from [[file:package.lisp]] will not have their interfaces
+changed without a major version increment. Anything else is subject to
+my whim and fancy. Of course the idea is all functions end up exported
+With that aside, the major principle we follow is functions either
+return a *single* object or they return a list of objects. In some
+extremely simple cases, we return lists of strings or lists of other non
+CLOS objects.
+As of this writing [2010-01-30 Sat], all current v2 github APIs are
+implemented if not release ready or vetted for an interface I'm
+comfortable with maintaining.
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+#+TITLE: Github api oddities
+This is just a list of strangeness that the github api has. These may or
+may not be actual bugs.
+* Unfollow does not actually unfollow
+ You can follow a user with the api, but you can't unfollow them.
+* Disabling bug tracker does not disable issues api.
+ If you untick the bug tracker checkbox, the issues api still works and
+ allows you to add issues as if the tracker was still visible on the
+ github site.
+* Cannot view labels on a project I am a collaborator on
+ You can view them on your project, you can see labels on their project
+ you are a collaborator on in the web interface, but you can't view
+ those same labels in the api interface.

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