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This repository is a collection of work by various members of the irc network. The code in this repository is stored in
directories by problem number.

For example, code that solves the first problem go in the sub-directory 1/

If a problem requires data files or other things, they can go in the
directory as well.

The copyright of the code is released under the MIT license unless
otherwise stated at the top of each code file.

Finally some notes: This is a group effort by the members of

As far as submissions to project-euler it is under the honor code that you
submit only work that you yourself have done and have learned how to do.

irc:// channel rules, these are incredibly
important for all channel members to follow. Joining the channel implies
that you are willing to follow these rules.

 1. Any and all programming languages are permitted, the channel #euler is
 not an appropriate place to debate which language is better. However
 debates and demonstrations of which _algorithm_ is better are not only
 appropriate but is to be encouraged.

 2. Any member of the channel may view any of the files and suggest
 improvements to the code and or algorithms. However negative criticisms
 or put downs of the author, code, or language it is written in are not

 3. Participation in #euler implies that you are open to positive critical
 feedback on your code, coding style, and or algorithms. If you are not
 able to handle this, please /part the channel.

 4. In general a negative attitude in #euler is a good way to be quieted
 for a few hours. A non exhaustive list of examples are as follows:
   - Complaining that <foo> is difficult
   - Complaining that <foo> is stupid
   - Complaining about other unrelated issues, we have #offtopic for that
   - Complaining about other channel members, you may take those
     complaints to #eighthbit.
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