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What is Seren?

Seren is a multi-source addon for Kodi with the added ability to install custom provider modules. Unlike other Kodi addons which are generally built for a single service use, Seren allows users to connect to multiple online/offline services at once for their viewing with a single click.

How do I install a new provider?

In the settings menu of Seren you will find a providers tab. Inside this tab you will find the install provider package option.

How do manage my providers?

Within Seren's settings, you will find the providers tab. Within this tab you can disable/enable single providers inside provide packs, enable/disable entire provider packages, enable/ disable automatic provider updates and manually for a update check for your providers.

Seren won't show me season or episode lists and instead begins playing automatically?

Please disable the Auto Episode Resume setting in the general tab of Seren's settings.

My Settings reset? What happened?

This is a known bug that is generally caused by a setting being set to often by threads in Seren. This issue should be addressed within the Beta update 0.1.25. Please ensure you are on a version on/above this. If you continue to have issues, please provide a kodi log in this github issue ->

I'm experiencing an issue whilst using Seren. Where can I get help?

You can often find help from users in the Addons4Kodi subreddit or you are always welcome to log a github issue and I will contact you directly to investigate the issue.

Can I use Seren to illegally view copyrighted material?

I will not, and nor will I condone the use of Seren or any custom providers to view illegal copyright content. No assistance will be given to any user that I identify to be using Seren for illegal purposes. Please respect copyrighted work and any laws applicable to yourself whilst using Seren.

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