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lunacorn and TheDragonkeeper check the kungfu fighting part in case i made mistakes (#39)
* spells / skills sheet fix.

* fix of grab bug and item list for hemp hat

* fix of grab bug and item list for hemp hat

* fix of grab bug and item list for hemp hat

* fixes to grab command and itemslist for hemp hat

* removal of pycache

* comments on itemscheckroom and fight command

* more comments in fight section

* first stage of threat table.  making monster special moves work

* progress on agrro and threat system

* progress on agrro and threat system
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Nix-mud 0.2.3

This version implements the following features

-- full implementation of classes

At this point all json data is loaded from corefunctions or maps

files, into classes to allow status changes or the ability for

creatures to move.  This has been a large shift and we are

excited for the possibilities this creates leading us from static

files.  The creature database and object overhaul is finished.

-- GM commands

Though not finished there are now gm specific commands like

system message and shutdown of server which is neccessary as

you obviously dont want players having this access.  The way to

acquire gm is still undecided currently.

-- Stabilization of Maps

Unfinished maps are now isolated and objects and names added to

map files allowing for a crash free experience while exploring

available areas.

-- Fight Command

Fights are now possible though not finished.  You can soon

expect the experience point system to be implemented and the

ability to level up.  As well as skills and spells the fight

command is a current focus of the project.

-- Objects and Containers

Another current project focus is objects and containers.  soon

You will see a new database allowing storage of items and a full

implementation of commands allowing you to put and get items from

containers like buckets or a backpack etc.

-- Grab, Give, Drop

Among other commands these are highlights of this release

including the ability to equip items and a new equipment sheet and

fully functional inventory.

Team: Dragonkeeper, Lunacorn Jan 2nd, 2019

Nix-mud 0.1.3

This version implements the following features

-- refined player creation

New player creation pulls from the static race and job files

it also populates the majority of neccessary variables for

'sheet' command.  which is a work in progress to display

most character information and stats.

self made character description is to come in the finished

'sheet' command.  As the level and combat system are developed

the skills and spells will be shown on char sheet as well.

expect unlocked jobs to appear in upcoming micro releases.

-- Creature Database / Object Overhaul

As mentioned in the first minor release the objects and maps

are going through an overhaul.  there is a creature database

created though not yet implemented.  It will give creatures

assigned unique numbers and seperate them from static maps.

Allowing them to move and be interacted with and killed as

well as looted once the inventory database is set up.

-- Refined maps

Maps are currently being templated to work with the current

manner of interaction.  They will be bare, however crash proof

allowing characters to move around and get aquainted with the

game.  There will be a few randoom poke objects to interact

with and make use of some of the commands.

-- Comment Cleanup

Though this does not affect the user, the goal is to provide

clear documentation and templates for the nixmud codebase.

Therefore it is essential to make sure current features have

reasonably neat and readable comments.

You will find that much more useable moving forward, and

expect the documentation to continue with further releases.

-- Emergency Reset

We have implemented a failsafe which in times of server crash

risk it will disconnect the player in question, and send them

back to a usable login screen.  This will help with error

handling and is a nice bump to start for known issues.

currently it is only used when issues of eternal loops occur.

Team: Dragonkeeper, Lunacorn Dec 26th, 2018

Nix-mud 0.1.0

This version implements the following features

-- New player creation

New player creation with the ability to save and login via

character name and password.

-- objects

Objects are allowed to be examined, or attacked.  This will go

through heavy overhaul in the version to come as a combat system is

implemnented.  For now they are very loose fitings.

-- System Message

A command 'system' allows your to speak to whole of server as a

channel.  Similar to say, though it works beyond a single room.

Team: Dragonkeeper, Lunacorn Dec 25th-26th, 2018