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Simple plugin for Cuberite
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Points Of Interest is a plugin for Cuberite which allows you to create "waypoints" using signs. Players can search for them and claim them by right-clicking the sign, which encourages exploration.


Command Description
/poi update Updates the POI database (used when manually editing the database).
/poi claimed {player} Shows a list of claimed POIs.
/poi ammount Shows a total number of all created POIs.
/poi list Shows a list of all created POIs.
/poi remove [id] Removes a POI with a specific id.
/poi purge [id] {player} Removes all claims of a specific POI id. (Optionally only deletes claims of a specific player)
/poi purgeplayer [player] Removes all claims of a specific player on all POIs.


Command or Hook Permission
All Commands and Hooks poi.*
Creating a POI poi.create
Claiming a POI poi.claim
/poi update poi.update
/poi claimed poi.claimed
/poi ammount poi.ammount
/poi list poi.list
/poi remove poi.remove
/poi purge poi.purge
/poi purgeplayer poi.purgeplayer

How to create a Point Of Interest

Place a sign anywhere in the world. The first line has to contain [poi] or [POI]. Second line has to be the name of the new POI. After creating the sign, its lines will be automatically updated. If you see a confirmation message appear in chat, the POI has been created.


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