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Process minutes & seconds, and default to local time zone if not specified #1

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Henry Chan Gopal Patel
Henry Chan

In processing the time, I noticed that the minutes and seconds were not being processed if the format did not include component separators. E.g. T143000Z. Also if the timezone is not specified, the local time zone should be used. E.g. T143000, should set the timezone to local.

Gopal Patel

Thanks for the pull request @henry-chan-git. Unfortunately, I'm not the maintainer of this libary -- this is just a git mirror of @boredzo's mercurial repo at

I recommend sending your patches to him, and I'll update this mirror when they are committed. Thanks!

Gopal Patel nixme closed this
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  1. +10 −0 ISO8601DateFormatter.m
10 ISO8601DateFormatter.m
@@ -516,6 +516,12 @@ - (NSDateComponents *) dateComponentsFromString:(NSString *)string timeZone:(out
+ else // Process minutes and second w/o timeSep
+ {
+ minute = read_segment_2digits(ch, &ch);
+ if (isdigit(*ch))
+ second = read_segment_2digits(ch, &ch);
+ }
if (!strict) {
if (isspace(*ch)) ++ch;
@@ -566,6 +572,10 @@ - (NSDateComponents *) dateComponentsFromString:(NSString *)string timeZone:(out
+ if (timeZone == nil) // No time zone specified, use local time.
+ {
+ timeZone = [NSTimeZone localTimeZone];
+ }
if (isValidDate) {
components.year = year; = day;
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