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Simple execution control in Pry

Teaches Pry about step, next, and continue to create a simple debugger.

To use, invoke pry normally:

def some_method
  binding.pry          # Execution will stop here.
  puts 'Hello World'   # Run 'step' or 'next' in the console to move here.

pry-nav is not yet thread-safe, so only use in single-threaded environments.

Rudimentary support for pry-remote is also included. Ensure pry-remote is loaded or required before pry-nav. For example, in a Gemfile:

gem 'pry'
gem 'pry-remote'
gem 'pry-nav'

Debugging functionality is implemented through set_trace_func, which imposes a large performance penalty. pry-nav traces only when necessary, but due to a workaround for a bug in 1.9.2, the console will feel sluggish. Use 1.9.3 for best results and almost no performance penalty.


Patches and bug reports are welcome. Just send a pull request or file an issue. Project changelog.


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