pry-nav is having problems with pry-remote #10

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Myself and other people are having problems using pry-nav with pry-remote. Mon-Ouie/pry-remote#14

If the pry-remote gem is not included, pry-nav appears to work fine.



nixme commented Mar 16, 2012

I just pushed a fix. Mind trying against pry-nav master?


That fixed the problem. The only thing I am noticing now is that the convienient shortcut of using 'c' and 'n' instead of "continue" and "next" are no longer working. I really do prefer being able to use 'c' and 'n' for debugging.


Is pry-remote required to use pry-nav? As far as I can tell pry-nav works well without pry-remote.

Nevermind. I guess not. I just did not read the readme very close.

nixme commented Mar 17, 2012

The shortcuts were removed unfortunately. See #3 for discussion.

No pry-remote isn't required, but if you do use it, pry-nav modifies it slightly so "next", "step", and "continue" don't close the DRB connection.


@mrinterweb to add them back in put this in your .pryrc

Pry.commands.alias_command "c", "continue"
Pry.commands.alias_command "s", "step"
Pry.commands.alias_command "n", "next"

@banister thank you. I can see the likelihood of conflicts with variable names in the current context so I can understand how it might be bad to alias 'c', 's', and 'n'.

@nixme your previous commit seems to solve the problem. I am going to close this issue.

@mrinterweb mrinterweb closed this Mar 19, 2012
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