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Hi Nixme,

Thanks for pry-nav, I just did some playing around and it turns out that the gem works as-expected on Ruby-1.8.7 too.

I've attached a patch that changes the 1.9 only syntax to 1.8.7 compatible, and updated the Gemspec appropriately.

As this patch conflicts with the one by Styx, I've resolved the merge-conflict, and put the result so you can get it with:

git pull merged



Hi @ConradIrwin. Thanks for the pull request.

I'm a bit wary of adding 1.8.7 support because each ruby interpreter version is quite finicky with respect to set_trace_func. You'll see the codebase even has different codepaths and performance for 1.9.2 and 1.9.3 to work around segfault bugs.

Do you have a project that can't move off of 1.8?


Unfortunately I'm stuck on 1.8.7 at work :(. We have a branch to try and upgrade, but it's quite spectacularly failful so it's unlikely we'll make the switch any time soon.

If there are particular things you would like me to test I'm happy to report back — I've been using my local build of the gem a bit today, and haven't (yet) spotted any problems, though I guess it's just a matter of time :).


You win for using "failful" :)

Mind fixing any conflicts from master and I'll merge?


I've merged it, while that seems to have confused the pull request UI a bit, it should pull cleanly.

@nixme nixme merged commit 02ff084 into nixme:master Jan 31, 2012


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