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A post-processor for git diff to combine the best of 'git diff' and 'git diff --color-words'
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A post-processor for git diff to combine the best of git diff and git diff --color-words.

For lines which differ significantly, it displays the result of git diff. For lines which differ only slightly or only in prefix or suffix, it displays the result of git diff --color-words.

A new prefix for the resulting diff lines beside + and - is introduced: ~, meaning a line, which is diff'ed by --color-words.

The code is written in Perl and the whole program is inspired by diff-highlight. It uses the library Levenshtein::XS.


Install Levenshtein::XS by e.g. sudo apt-get install libtext-levenshteinxs-perl.

$ sudo cp diff-words /usr/local/bin/
$ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/diff-words
$ git config --global alias.diffw '!env GIT_PAGER="diff-words | pager" git diff'

Now you have a new git (alias) command: git diffw. Using an alias has the advantage to have the original git diff still present (unlike in the diff-highlight examples).


MIT. See LICENSE for details.


If you like the program, consider dropping some satoshis to 1nixn9rd4ns8h5mQX3NmUtxwffNZsbDTP. Thanks!

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