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Forked from and updated to work with Laravel 5.4


Laravel-USPS is a composer package that allows you to integrate the USPS Address / Shipping API. This backage is ported from @author Vincent Gabriel

  • Requires a valid USPS API Username
  • Tested on Laravel 5+


Begin by installing this package through Composer. Run this command from the Terminal:

composer require mpinchuk/laravel-usps:dev-master

Laravel integration

To wire this up in your Laravel project you need to add the service provider. Open config/app.php, and add a new item to the providers array.


Then you must also specify the alias in config/app.php. Add a new item to the Aliases array.

'Usps' => 'Usps\Facades\Usps',

This will allow integration by adding the Facade Use Usps;

Laravel Config

Add your USPS username config in config/services.php.

'usps' => [
		'username' => "XXXXXXXXXXXX"

Example Controller Usage

The only method completed for Laravel is the Usps::validate which is defined in vendor/mpinchuk/laravel-usps/src/Usps/Usps.php. As this package was developed for internal use I did not bring over all the features but you are more than welcome to contribute the methods you need and I will merge them. I suggest looking at the original PHP-Wrapper by @VinceG USPS PHP-Api as I ported those clases and autoloaded them to use in the Usps.php file.


namespace app\Http\Controllers;
use app\Http\Requests;
use app\Http\Controllers\Controller;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Request;
use Usps;

class USPSController extends Controller
    public function index() {
        return response()->json(

@VinceG Original README.MD


This wrapper allows you to perform some basic calls to the USPS api. Some of the features currently supported are:

  • Rate Calculator (Both domestic and international)
  • Zip code lookup by address
  • City/State lookup by zip code
  • Verify address
  • Create Priority Shipping Labels
  • Create Open & Distribute Shipping Labels
  • Create International Shipping Labels (Express, Priority, First Class)
  • Service Delivery Calculator
  • Confirm Tracking


  • PHP >= 5.4 configured with the following extensions:
    • cURL
  • USPS API Username


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