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NixOS weekly, delivered to your inbox.

Stay up to date with events, learning resources, and recent developments in NixOS community.

Find more at

We are just starting and are looking for help from community.

Want to help shape NixOS Weekly?

NixOS Weekly is a community driven project. Everybody in NixOS community is extremely busy and nobody alone can afford to monitor what is happening. The only way to avoid burnout is to do it together.

Ways to contribute:

  • Contribute interesting links for next issue. Best way to contribute is to open a Pull Request and contribute links / content for next blog post release.

  • Write script(s) to automate "stuff". Not everybody is a writer and enjoys writing blog posts. But some of us are quite good at writing scripts that make our life easier. Look at the issue tracker for possible issues that require some programming skills.

  • Become an Editor. For every blog post release there is going to be one person in charge and we call this an Editor. The sole responsability of this role is that blog post release happens on time and that we have an editor for next release. To become and editor all you have to do is volunteer.

    See EDITORS.rst


Is there enough things happening in a week to have weekly news?

Probably not (yet). While calling this NixOS Weekly, we will have blog releases every 2 weeks and after a month we will see if we need to change the frequency. Until we try we won't know for sure.


NixOS Weekly is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License

In short this means that you can share and adapt the material for any purpose as long as you give appropriate credit, indicate if any changes were made and redistribute your modifications under the same license. For full details, see COPYING