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Welcome to the gluster-wireshark-1.4 wiki!

The upstream version of Wireshark does not yet support GlusterFS. These pages and the git repository are an initiative to get a sufficiently working version for the different GlusterFS protocols and have them included upstream.

Progress and some screenshots are made available in blog posts. Some questions are answered in the FAQ, which also points to a repository with RPMs and a way to build a separate wireshark-plugin.

It is very easy to build Wireshark-1.4 with (some) support for GlusterFS:

  1. download the sources

     $ git clone git://
  2. prepare the sources for building

     $ cd gluster-wireshark-1.4
     $ ./
  3. configure and (de)select some options (optionally disable some tools to speed up building)

     $ ./configure --help
     $ ./configure --with-tshark --without-wireshark
  4. compile all you need

     $ make
  5. run from the current working directory

     $ ./tshark -r $some_glusterfs.pcap
  6. hacking is done on the epan/dissectors/packet-gluster* files

In order to have the Gluster dissector included upstream into the main Wireshark project, a description of the protocol needs to be available. If the burdon to contribute on development is too high, additions and corrections to the explanation of the Sub Protocols is much appreciated.

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