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Gluster Dissector for Wireshark
1) get the Gluster patches for Wireshark
- wireshark-1_6_4-make-gluster.patch (for Wireshark 1.6.4, current version)
- wireshark-1_4_10-make-gluster.patch (for Wireshark 1.4.10, RHEL6 version)
- packet-gluster.patch (version independent, for all I know)
2) get the Wireshark sources (alternatively get version 1.4)
$ svn co wireshark-1.6
$ cd wireshark-1.6
3) apply the patches
$ patch -p1 < packet-gluster.patch
$ patch -p1 < wireshark-1_6_4-make-gluster.patch
4) compile the sources
$ ./configure
$ make
5) install the new Wireshark with (some) support for Gluster
$ sudo make install
There are more hints in the README and doc/README.developer in the Wireshark
The main dissector files for Gluster are added with the packet-gluster.patch
and are:
- epan/dissectors/packet-gluster.c
- epan/dissectors/packet-gluster.h
Author: Niels de Vos <>