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A World of Warcraft User Interface, written by Nathan Lilienthal (Epicgrim). The goal of this user interface is to provide users with a clean, fast, and fully functional UI. Configuration is easy, and the display of critical information is in the forefront of the UI.

If you would like to help with this project there are a few things you could do. The first thing would be to fork this project and send pull requests, however if you want to be more involved let me know, I'd love to have more help.

EUI as it stands


This UI is all about minimalism, without sacrifice. As a hardcore WoW player myself I know very well what a competitive player needs and doesn't need. This means your UI will be full featured and yet compact and lightweight.

Combat Hiding

With combat hiding enabled and configured, you can choose what "frame zone" (name not final) you want to be in while in combat. This allows you to have your UI give you all the information you want while waiting for the action, then only the information you NEED while in combat. Things like trade chat, your minimap, and even your action bars can be hidden. In fact every EUI panel can be set to disappear in combat. Keeps your UI clean and powerful.

Not only can you hide frames in combat, but you can also make frames show ONLY while in combat. For example, hide all your buff and debuff tracking while not fighting. This system is designed to help keep fights that require a lot of attention easy to manage. Your UI should never be in the way.

Combat Control

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Item Control

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Simply click the "Download EUI x.x" on this page. This will download the latest stable version of the UI as a zip. The zip will contain the EUI folder, simply move that folder into your Addons folder. (even easier install available, once I get a web-server up and running)

If you want you can also download the git repositoryy and use that. This has it's advantages and disadvantages. With this method you will have the absolute newest version I have committed, which means for you the newest features and bug fixes. It also means however that I have not tested it to my full liking, and it may have more issues then you would like. The choice is yours.


Feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated. To submit a bug for review simply click the "Submit Issue" button on the left side of this page. These issues go directly into the projects Issues tracking on github. For more interactive discussion please feel free to leave a comment on (FOURM LINK HERE)


EUI will be versioned according to the following template. I will try to adhere to these guidelines to the best of my ability.


A major release can be expected to rework styling, add features, and might remove some features. A minor release can be expected to add features, tweak styles, optimize performance, and add 3rd party addon support. I'll use the 'tiny' versions for bugfixes, and additions that don't affect the end user directly.

Developer Docs

I've put together a few documents for use mainly internally, but available for viewing if you like. They outline design, style and system choices. If you have any interest in editing this UI to your liking further I'd recommend looking through these documents.


Ideas and Inspiration from: Tukui, ElvUI

Special Thanks to: Hydra