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A bash script to download all the images from a tumblr or set of tumblrs
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Tumbld is a script to download images from a specific tumblr blog or set of tumblr blogs. The script only requirement for the script to run is wget. For a complete discussion of how this script works, take look at Nick Rowe's blog entry on how tumbld works.

Installations & Usage

To install tumbld, clone the repository and move it to your favorite script location. supports downloading from a single tumblr or a set of tumblrs.

Downloading from a single tumblr architectureblog

Downloads a single tumblr's images. Make sure to pass only the base blog name and not the full url.

Downloading from many tumblrs /path/to/file

The file should contain a list of tumblr blog name with one on each line. For example the file might look like


Common Problems

  • Script isn't executable? Try this: chmod /path/to/
  • wget ins't installed? apt-get intall wget (debian/ubuntu) or brew install wget (osx)


tumblr is written by Nick Rowe and is available under an MIT license.

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