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Generative bot implementation with node.js, Processing and Blender presented at the Barcamp Salzburg (Slides).

The bot is implemented for Twitter with the following API client for node

npm install twit --save

hello.js implements a simple text status update on Twitter

index.js implements the generative bot which posts generative pictures in an interval of 10 seconds. To switch between Blender upload or Processing upload, change the blender variable inside index.js. To run the examples, a config.js file is needed for OAuth authentication which has the form

module.exports = {
	consumer_key:         '...'  
	consumer_secret:      '...'
	access_token:         '...'
	access_token_secret:  '...'

The keys can be obtained at Twitter Developers, by creating a new app.

To run Blender from the command line with a Python script

blender -b -P

To run Processing from the command line

processing-java --sketch [FOLDER_PATH]/processing_example --run

Relative paths do not work in this case, therefore the absolute path to the Processing folder needs to be specified.


The bot can be also implemented in a similar way for Tumblr shown in the Slides

Blender Example