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import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import requests
import json
from datetime import datetime
from geopy.distance import distance
import utils
country_query = """
SELECT DISTINCT ?country ?countryLabel WHERE {
{ ?country wdt:P463 wd:Q166546 } UNION
{ ?country wdt:P463 wd:Q458 } UNION
{ VALUES ?country { wd:Q55 } } # Add Netherlands
FILTER( ?country != wd:Q29999 ) # Remove Kingdom of the Netherlands
SERVICE wikibase:label {
bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en".
mayor_query = """
?city ?cityLabel ?city_coordinates ?population
?mayor ?mayorLabel ?genderLabel ?birth ?age ?start_date ?duration
?birth_country ?birth_countryLabel
?birth_city ?birth_cityLabel ?birth_city_coordinates
?city wdt:P17 wd:{0}.
?city wdt:P31/wdt:P279* wd:Q515.
?city p:P6 ?statement.
?city wdt:P1082 ?population.
?city wdt:P625 ?city_coordinates.
?statement ps:P6 ?mayor.
?statement pq:P580 ?start_date.
BIND(year(now()) - year(?start_date) AS ?duration)
?mayor wdt:P569 ?birth.
BIND(year(now()) - year(?birth) AS ?age)
OPTIONAL {{ ?mayor wdt:P21 ?gender. }}
# Remove all mayors that have an end time
FILTER NOT EXISTS {{ ?statement pq:P582 ?y. }}
# Remove all mayors that are not alive
FILTER NOT EXISTS {{ ?mayor wdt:P570 ?z. }}
?mayor wdt:P19 ?birth_city.
?birth_city wdt:P625 ?birth_city_coordinates.
?birth_city wdt:P17 ?birth_country.
# Remove all historic countries
FILTER NOT EXISTS {{ ?birth_country wdt:P31 wd:Q3024240. }}
SERVICE wikibase:label {{
bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en".
# Get Wikidata code from each country
df_countries = utils.wikidata_query(country_query)
df_countries['code'] = df_countries['country'].str.split('/').str[-1]
# Get mayors for each country
df_list = []
for index, (country, country_label, country_code) in df_countries.iterrows():
print(country_label, country_code)
df = utils.wikidata_query(mayor_query.format(country_code))
df.insert(0, 'country', country_label)
print('Entries :', len(df))
# Collect all rows into single table
df = pd.concat(df_list)
# Convert coordinates lon, lat columns
df[['city_lon', 'city_lat']] = df['city_coordinates'].str[6:-1].str.split(' ', expand=True)
df[['city_lon', 'city_lat']] = df[['city_lon', 'city_lat']].astype(float)
df[['birth_city_lon', 'birth_city_lat']] = df['birth_city_coordinates'].str[6:-1].str.split(' ', expand=True)
df[['birth_city_lon', 'birth_city_lat']] = df[['birth_city_lon', 'birth_city_lat']].astype(float)
# Calculate distance between city and birth city
def calc_distance(row):
lon0, lat0 = row['city_lon'], row['city_lat']
lon1, lat1 = row['birth_city_lon'], row['birth_city_lat']
if np.isnan(lon1) or np.isnan(lat1):
return None
return distance((lat0, lon0), (lat1, lon1)).m
df['distance'] = df.apply(calc_distance, axis=1)
# Drop original coordinates columns
df.drop(columns=['city_coordinates', 'birth_city_coordinates'], inplace=True)
# Show some information about the table
# Save table to file
df.to_csv('data/european_mayors.csv', index=False)
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