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Yii Framework Widget to embed html5 (or old Flash) Player into your Yii web apps.
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Yii Framework Widget to embed Soundcloud html5 Player into Yii Framework web apps.


  • Copy yiiSoundcloudPlayerWidget.php into your /protected/extensions/


  • 0.0.3
    1. Code Optimization
  • 0.0.2
    1. Added devel parameter to print out or not, the cURL and Soundcloud API errors
    2. Cache support for high-traffic web apps and Soundcloud api polite usage :) - params cache and cacheTime (see Full Parameters Example for usage)
  • 0.0.1
    1. Initial Version

How To Use

Inside your View file call the widget with:

Minimal Parameters Single Url

<?php $this->widget('ext.yiisoundcloudplayerwidget', array(           
    'url' => ''  // you can put here a profile, group, playlist or track url

Minimal Parameters Multi Url

<?php $this->widget('ext.yiisoundcloudplayerwidget', array(           
    'url' => array('', // this is a profile
        "" // this a direct link to a track

Full Parameters

<?php $this->widget('ext.yiisoundcloudplayerwidget', array(
    'devel'         => false,       // default is true. if true all curl and api errors will be printed out, if any.
    'cache'         => false,       // default is true. will use Yii cache system ( Data Caching ).
    'cacheTime'     => 600,         // default is 5 minutes (300 seconds) to keep data in cache server.
    'maxwidth'      => 50,          // default I believe is 100. maxwidth in px.
    'maxheight'     => 305,         // default is 81 for tracks and 305 for all others.
    'color'         => 'ffaa66',    // default is Soundcloud color. hex triplet for player primary color.
    'auto_play'     => false,       // default is false.                
    'show_comments' => false,       // default is true. TimeBased comments on waveform.
    'iframe'        => true,        // default is true => html5 player. false => old Adobe Flash player.        
    'url' => array('', // this is a profile
        "" // this a direct link to a track
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