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Delightfully simple static site generator written in Swift [NO LONGER MAINTAINED]
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Spelt is a blog-aware static site generator written in Swift.


Using the installer

Download and run the Spelt.pkg file for the latest release.

Building from source

In order to build Spelt you need to have Carthage and a recent version of Xcode installed. Keep in mind that the master branch contains the latest development version and may not always be stable.

  1. Clone the project: git clone --recursive
  2. Install dependencies: make bootstrap
  3. Build and install CLI: make install


Create a new site to get started using Spelt. Replace PATH with the name of your blog.

spelt new PATH

Local preview

Spelt can run a local webserver which displays a preview of your site. When auto-regeneration is enabled, your site will be regenerated whenever a file on your project directory is changed.

spelt preview


When building your site, the generated files are placed in the _build folder in your project directory.

spelt build


Documentation for Spelt can be found here. This documentation was originally written for the Spelt Mac app (which is no longer available), but most of it applies to the CLI as well.

If you spot any errors in the documentation, please submit a pull request in the documentation repository.


This project is still in the early stages of development, so any help would be appreciated. Please feel free to fork the project and submit a pull request.


Spelt is released under the MIT License.

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