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This repository is no longer the home of the official jQuery Templates plugin, which is now at

The code source has been removed in the latest commit, to prevent confusion, leaving just this readme.

This repository was originally forked from John Resig’s jquery/jquery-tmpl ‘micro-templating’ prototype. Extensive changes and additions were made, and the resulting plugin has now been adopted by jQuery as an Official jQuery Plugin. See for more background.

As a result, the code in this repository has been pulled back into the main jquery/jquery-tmpl repository.

New Documentation available on

A full set of documentation for the official version of this plugin is now available on the jQuery documentation site:

The implementation is factored into two parts:

  • a core script file: jquery.tmpl.js, for the core features,
  • an additional script file: jquery.tmplPlus.js, for some additional optional features.
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