A Fitbit iOS client for the rest of us.
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Fitbit has seen fit not distribute their iOS client in Scandinavia nor many other countries so I wrote up a client using their API that aims to do most of the same things their client already does.

It's severely lacking in both design and functionality so far, but as one of my pet projects you can expect semi-irregular updates (possibly).


Open the project in XCode, build it to your device.

Getting started

Right now the application throws you straight into Mobile Safari to authenticate with Fitbit if you haven't done so already. In the future I am sure there'll be a fancy login screen but for now you will have to make do.

Hint: I will also accept pull requests that "fixes" this flow :)


  • Authentication happens via oAuth (if you want to use your own API keys, switch them out in FitbitAuthorization.h )
  • Data is fetched from Fitbit's RESTful API on background threads.
  • The main ViewControllers implement delegate methods that receive completed requests and redraw the view with fresh information.

ARC Compatibility

Planned for a future release, if someone wants to implement it, your pull request will be accepted.