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A Nexmo library for Golang
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gonexmo GoDoc

gonexmo is a Go library tailored for sending SMS's with Nexmo.


Assuming you have a working Go environment, installation is simple:

go get

You can take a look at the documentation locally with:


The included tests in gonexmo_test.go also illustrate usage of the package.

Note: You must enter valid API credentials and a valid phone number in gonexmo_test.go or the tests will fail! I didn't feel like draining my own Nexmo account or receiving thousands of test SMS's - sorry :)


import ""

nexmo, _ := nexmo.NexmoWithKeyAndSecret("API_KEY_GOES_HERE", "API_SECRET_GOES_HERE")

// Test if it works by retrieving your account balance
balance, err := Nexmo.Account.GetBalance()

// Send an SMS
// See for details.
message := &SMSMessage{
    From:           "go-nexmo",     
    To:              "00358123412345",
    Type:            Text,
    Text:            "Gonexmo test SMS message, sent at " + time.Now().String(),
    ClientReference: "gonexmo-test " + strconv.FormatInt(time.Now().Unix(), 10),
    Class:           Standard,

messageResponse, err := nexmo.SMS.Send(message)

Receiving inbound messages

import (

func main() {
    messages := make(chan *nexmo.RecvdMessage)
    h := nexmo.NewMessageHandler(messages)

    go func() {
        for {
            msg := <-messages

    // Set your Nexmo callback url to http://<domain or ip>:8080/get/
    http.HandleFunc("/get/", h)
    if err := http.ListenAndServe(":8080", nil); err != nil {
        log.Fatal("ListenAndServe: ", err)


Future plans

  • Implement the rest of the Nexmo API
  • Release a few more Go libraries - once I clean them up :)

How can you help?

  • Let me know if you're using gonexmo by dropping me a line at [github user name] at
  • Let me know about any bugs / annoyances the same way
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